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Wireless Wide Area Networks

Wireless Networking Solutions offers complete point to point & Point to Multipoint Wireless Links from 5 Mbps to multi Gigabit speeds. Our services include link design, physical site survey, obtaining permits, obtaining FCC license, obtaining FAA approval, Tower Installation, and installing and maintaining of wireless equipment on tower.

Wireless Local Area Network

We work on small and large wireless LAN projects. Our projects include a complete facility site survey using the Garmin eTrex/  site survey tool. we have a long tradition to plan, design, build and operate Wireless network solutions in a corporate environment. Our solutions are secure and flexible, and is empowered by technology from our key partners.

Security Systems

INTERLINKS Security is our security division. We work with the customer to develop a complete security plan design with video surveillance, access control, remote entry, and thermal imaging equipment and analytics. INTERLINKS Security crews install and maintain all of our security equipment.


Point-Point/Point-Multipoint Wireless


Point to point wireless network links connect two locations together through line of sight (LOS), operating in unlicensed/licensed radio frequencies or through free space optics with speeds available between 10mbps to 300Mbps.   

Point to Multi Point wireless networks, also used for outdoor hotspots, interconnect multiple locations to central access points through line of sight and non line of sight (nLOS). They can operate in both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies bands with speeds up to 300Mbps.

Wi-Fi Hotspot/Wireless Mesh Networks


Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connection all over the world. To access this type of connection, one must have a wireless adapter on their computer. Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity by emitting frequencies between 2.4GHz to 5GHz based on the amount of data on the network.

CCTV/IP Surveillance


      CCTV is one of the most important and commonly used security system for home, business and public safety. Surveillance recordings from these cctv camera allow you to watch your property for any illicit and uncalled for activities. There are different kinds of cctv camera available for various kinds of surveillance needs.Please visit our security cctv section to find a security camera best suited for your needs.

         IP Camera are today's advanced security camera, IP Camera were introduced in the year 1996 they have been around for over a decade now. Internet protocol camera transmit video surveillance feeds captured from the camera over a network, this is one the major benefits of using IP camera users can store and view security and surveillance footage from any remote location.

Burgular Alaram


  Safety and security of children, old parents and loved ones is a grave concern for home owners. Burglar alarms are a good way of protecting your homes in your absence. The new GSM burglar alarm alerts owners in case of intruder break-ins via an sms on any pre-stored mobile numbers. When armed these systems immediately detect intrusion and activate a siren to make the neighbors, you and the thief aware that an outsider is in your house or office .The various sensors and detectors can be spread across your property from doors to windows and curtains or even safes and vaults, which trigger an alarm when an outside force tries to enter. Find a suitable burglar alarm for your home security, visit our security systems section


VOIP/EPABX Solutions


  PBX is an abbreviation for Private Branch Exchange. A PBX system is a private telephone switch that is installed in a business location to facilitate communication between people inside the organization while allowing access to adequate external telephone lines.

EPABX has proven to be of immense use in communicating within office, making routine work simpler. It can be defined as a switching system for calls that enables both internal as well as external switching functions in an organization. Typically up to 10,000 subscribers can be accommodated by a single EPABX system.


  • Data,voice & video Backhaul
  • Last-mile Connectivity
  • Wireless/wired Survey
  • Enterprise WLAN
  • Wifi -Hotspot

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Security Audit
  • Remote Monitoring

  • VOIP solutions
  • VOIP Gateways


  • Attendance Systems
  • Biomatrix
  • Access Control
  • Perimeter Security
  • Burglar Alarm

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